Christmas in a climate emergency

Christmas 2019: How can we celebrate in a climate emergency? If you don't feel like spending this Christmas in a church service / mass that does not make reference to the climate crisis, then take action. You could send a personal letter to your pastor, or even better, search for a personal conversation with them and tell them what is really important to you this Christmas 2019. The wish list is short - children /we need a future.

The essence of Christmas is the birth of Jesus - his message, his gospel, that he brought into the world and exemplified. "Fear not," is his message. Fear not Mary, you can take on the responsibility of bringing Jesus into the world. Fear not Joseph, you can stand by Mary even it is against the norm. Do not fear shepherds, you can leave your daily lives and set out on an unlikely journey to see the blessed and promised child. They each dared to take new paths. The message of Christmas is: fear not, dare to change your ways, take responsibility fast. You will have the strength and the courage to follow Jesus and the creatures who love creation. Fear not, follow a new path. More content coming soon!

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